Being an Russian Escort in London – What It Entails

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It was the first time venturing into the escorts business. As a young woman at the age of 21, I didn’t know how best to approach this new life and venture, but I was full of hope and belief that I would make it. When I first started, I was nervous and scared about what would happen to me and how I would do in this industry.

I can still remember the first client I met with as a beginner working in an escort agency in east London. I didn’t want to go independent first as a beginner because I knew it could be a bit risky getting into an industry by my own without knowing anyone who had been there for long and had enough experience to guide me.

Therefore, I strive to find a good escort agency that would accept Russian woman like me to start working for them. Eventually, I found a good agency that took me in and that is where I learned a lot and gained extensive experience that helped me later when I decide to venture out and go independent.

Throughout my years as an escort in London, I’ve learnt a lot of good and bad things in the industry which I’ll point out here. It is essential to consider doing your research first and learning a lot about an industry before getting into it to avoid regrets and disappointments.

Here I’ll discuss the good and the bad of being an escort. Check out the tips below.

The Good

There are many benefits of being an escort and exploiting them to the fullest can get you a long way in life. Check out these benefits below.

1. Freedom

Being an escort provides you with the freedom of having to work and meet clients whenever you can or want. Especially, independent escorts get to make their own time and decide the clients they want to meet.

2. Considerable Pay

As an escort, you make at least a considerable amount of money the services you provide. You can even offer massage services to clients for extra cash on the side. Therefore, this helps you make good money that can come in handy in your life.

3. Meet Different Clients

Escorts get the opportunity of meeting different clients. As an experienced escort in the industry, I’ve had the opportunity of meeting plenty of high-end clients that have helped me in one way or the other. Therefore, this is one huge benefit that you can get in the industry.

The Bad

There are also drawdowns of being an escort. However, they are not as many as the benefits, which makes it a good thing. Check out these drawdowns below.

1. Resentment from the Society

There’s no doubt that the society resents escorts because they are not regarded as people who provide “good” services to people. Therefore, this is something that you need to keep in mind and develop a thick skin if you want to survive in this business.

2. Mistreatments from Some Clients

Escorts sometimes end up being mistreated by some clients who think they have “bought” them. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the kind of clients you’re meeting to avoid such issues.

As an exclusive escort, I can gladly say that it’s not such a bad industry for those willing to venture in it and do it with a passion.

Why should you meet London Escorts?

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One of the best feelings is having a woman with no attached responsibilities. Every man has vast needs that he needs them catered anytime that he wishes to. In central London, this has been easier due to the readily available escort agencies in the area. The London agencies come with vast advantages that every man with or without a spouse can easily enjoy. As a man, when you visit central London, be ready to have a list of requirements that you need to be addressed by an escort. Escort agencies are always waiting for you to serve you and give you one of the best ladies to address your requirement efficiently. In this article, I will provide you with some of the reasons why you must meet an escort once you visit London.

Get someone to spend time with

Nothing is boring like staying or the day and night without someone to talk to. Also, one feels tired, and the need to have the body massaged with one of the best ladies in the area. Escort agencies will give you this awesome lady who will ensure you are not bored and will give you everything that you ask. What you only need is to communicate to them what you are going through.

You have the mandate to choose the lady you want

Wow, this is great. It is always the desire of a man to have the best beautiful lady around. Unlike in any other kind of dating, here you choose the lady you want. Do you remember the last time you went to buy a jacket? Of course, you picked the one that you wanted with no struggle. The same case happens here. You only choose the lady, and she cannot resist you. Do not hesitate to take this opportunity, select the lady of your choice and enjoy life with her.

Find a solution to your problem

If you are facing huge problem back at home, place of work or even from the friends, escort is the solution. Most men have stress, and there is always a need to have a lady to keep you happy rather than meeting the same challenges day in day out. An escort will ensure that she reduces the stress by giving you some of the best treats you have never gotten. More so, when you get the right agency, the escort can provide you with advice on what to do to solve vast issues.

Set your terms and goals

With the right girl, you eventually set the goals that you want to achieve and also your term. The lady will always do what you want her to, and she is still under your control. This is an essential aspect as you can wish to her to go with you to a very far place to enjoy yourself. Also, you tell the girl how best you should be treated.

Final thought

Meet the escort of your choice and enjoy life with her. Have an opportunity to go through several photos to pick the best escort that is attractive. Also, meeting an escort agency gives you a chance to exchange one escort after another. If you are the kind of men who do not get satisfied with one lady, you can have a different one anytime you wish. Having an escort comes with many benefits, and you should take advantage of that.

Top Things to Do in Central London with a Call Girl

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London is a great city if you are looking for some fun and excitement. There is no end to possibilities when you hire a call girl from in Central London. You can get yourself a companion for as long as you want ready to please and entertain you with their undivided attention.
So what fun things can you do with a call girl in Central London?
Here are just some of the things you can do, apart from having one of the best erotic nights in London!

Tour the City

Central London is a tourist’s delight with attractions like the Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussauds, London Eye and the Warner Bros. Studio. You are free to take your companion around the city as your personal date- won’t it be lovely to make out standing below the Tower of London?

Spend Some Private Time

Central London has numerous hotels and inns if you wish to spend some private time with your call girl. Our girls know which place would be ideal for a great time based on your preferences.
You can spend the night having some passionate time living your sexual fantasies. Our escort agency can also arrange meetups in private spaces where you can have all the fun with your companion.

Have a Long Time Companion

Do you want a beautiful and sexy lady to accompany you around London?
Our call girls are ready to be with you for a whole day or as long as you want them to stay. We can guarantee you will have the most awesome time which you can never have with your girlfriend or wife!

Party Hard

Are you going to a night club and plan to do some heavy partying?
Our call girls are sophisticated and high class and they are sure to turn some heads wherever you take them. So be it a party at the lounge or some private get together, our girls will be more than happy to help you have a great time ending the way you want!

5 Unusual Things to Do In London at Night

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When darkness falls in London, the city becomes vibrant than ever. London nightlife is vast with something to suit everyone’s taste. Whether you are old, young, good, ugly or bad, weather you love a laid back country pub or a hip and cool disco, be assured to find you will like. However, just like any other city in the world, some part of London can be very dangerous at night, so take necessary precautions and do not walk alone. Here is the best night out activities London nightlife offers:

Taste wine at Vinopolis

The Vinopolis is the best place for wine lovers. Situated on the city’s Southbank, Vinopolis is London’s only interactive wine experience. This place offers more than a hundred champagnes, wines and spirits. It is also the home to five amazing restaurants where you can soak up all the alcohol after you are done with your tour. These restaurants serve everything right from Italian all the way to Mediterranean- offering you the most ideal way to end your evening.

Sample Some Free Comedy

There are several comedy nights in London, showcasing some of the finest comedians. There are free comedy nights everywhere. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled so as to find them. These free comedy nights offer you an opportunity to laugh the night away without having to pay a penny. Some of the most famous comedy clubs include the Angel Comedy and the Camden Head that perform every Tuesday. You can also visit the Miller every Wednesday.

Listen to Free Music

The city of London has numerous DJ sets and free gigs taking place across London at night. You can visits areas such as Brixton or Camden and you will find yourself enjoying free music. You can find regular free gigs and ska nights at hootenanny, Brixton. Alternatively you can also visit The Forge in Camden for Monday jazz nights.

Hop on a London by Night Sightseeing Tour

If you want to tour London’s famous landmarks, then board one of the city’s iconic open buses and enjoy a lifetime sightseeing experience. Trafalgar square, Tower Bridge and Buckingham palace are some of the most spectacular stops London by night sightseeing tour will pass by among many other exciting landmarks. There isn’t a better way to end your London visit without embarking on this tour.

See the Christmas Lights

The city of London is famous for its striking Christmas lights that are found all over the city. Stroll down the regent street and the Oxford Street to see for yourself the yearly changing displays. Additionally, be sure to keep an eye out for the spectacular window display found in Selfridge’s. But do not forget the New Bond Street and the Covenant Garden.


Although London is exciting during the day, however the capital really comes alive as soon as darkness falls. When the sun goes down, throughout the city, several vibrant hotels, cool bars and stunning theatres open their doors. With all these on offer every night, it’s no doubt that London city never goes to sleep. so if you are longing to experience London after sun set, these places should be in your list.

Important Things You Should Know When Looking For London Escorts

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After going through the hustle and bustle of the entire week, the best way to unwind is to find an escort from one of the best escort agencies in London. With the company of a bold and charming class escort, you can surely enjoy a relaxing and stimulating evening you deserve. London has plenty of beautiful and professional girls who cannot only fulfill your desire but will also make your fantasies a reality. So how can you get started? Well, if you can find a perfect match for your taste, then you’ll be good to go.


What Can Professional London Escorts Do For You?

Top London escorts are trained to offer clients a number of services at a reasonable fee. Majority of the sexy escorts can make a perfect companion for a business trip, dinner arrangement, erotic massage or other special event. And if you’ve been looking for a gorgeous and charming lady to date, then you have every right to spend time with the woman of your choice on a quiet and romantic location. And if you want everything to be away from the public eye, then you’re free to host the escort in your own private quarters. amanda-6Dating a smooth and curvy escort in London can be done with a snap of finger and you’ll have all the beauty to yourself. London escorts can really help you spice your weekend with romance and pleasure.


Which Type Of Girls Can You Find In Top London Escort Agencies?

Escort agencies across London host a range escorts meant to satisfy all clients in town. From the slender-figured Europeans to passionate Latinos with sexy curves, to petite Asian girls with perfect smiles all through to the exotic African women with an attractive skin, you can almost be spoilt for choice. Also available in the selection of top escort agencies are college escorts, natural escorts, porn star escorts among others. With classic escort agencies, you can choose your favorite girls from any of the following categories:

-Charming brunette escorts

-Naturally busty escorts

-Elegant blonde escorts

-Tall, slim and curvy escorts


Where Can You Find A Perfect Escort To Date In London?

While London escorts have been sampled from different backgrounds and lifestyles, you can find always find a perfect escort near you. There are escorts who are based in the London CBD and Inner city while there are those located within the outskirts. However, the perfect way to go when looking for an escort is to visit an online-based London escort agency to make your selection. These sites can connect you to curvy and sexy escorts in Bayswater, Chelsea, Fulham, Goodge Street, Paddington, Notting Hill, Marylebone, and South Kensingnton among other locations in the city. You can select the girl of your choice based on the physical appearance, the level of experience and the amount charged per call-out. So long as the experience can be romantic and pleasurable, the service can be worth paying for.



Finding an erotic girl with busty frames with voluptuous outline in London is very easy. With the available classic escort agencies in London, you can enjoy a duo escort experience, a weekend excursion or an intimate evening in a private place. You might pay a little more for experienced and classy escorts but you can enjoy an extended evening of pleasure that will wrap up your weekend in style. Visit any of the top London based escort agency sites to make a selection of your favorite escort today.

The new Iphone 7

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Hey guys! What do you think of the new iPhone7? I think it looks sexy!