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Being an Russian Escort in London – What It Entails

Posted by fuel on November 12, 2020 with No Comments

It was the first time venturing into the escorts business. As a young woman at the age of 21, I didn’t know how best to approach this new life and venture, but I was full of hope and belief that I would make it. When I first started, I was nervous and scared about what would happen to me and how I would do in this industry.

I can still remember the first client I met with as a beginner working in an escort agency in east London. I didn’t want to go independent first as a beginner because I knew it could be a bit risky getting into an industry by my own without knowing anyone who had been there for long and had enough experience to guide me.

Therefore, I strive to find a good escort agency that would accept Russian woman like me to start working for them. Eventually, I found a good agency that took me in and that is where I learned a lot and gained extensive experience that helped me later when I decide to venture out and go independent.

Throughout my years as an escort in London, I’ve learnt a lot of good and bad things in the industry which I’ll point out here. It is essential to consider doing your research first and learning a lot about an industry before getting into it to avoid regrets and disappointments.

Here I’ll discuss the good and the bad of being an escort. Check out the tips below.

The Good

There are many benefits of being an escort and exploiting them to the fullest can get you a long way in life. Check out these benefits below.

1. Freedom

Being an escort provides you with the freedom of having to work and meet clients whenever you can or want. Especially, independent escorts get to make their own time and decide the clients they want to meet.

2. Considerable Pay

As an escort, you make at least a considerable amount of money the services you provide. You can even offer massage services to clients for extra cash on the side. Therefore, this helps you make good money that can come in handy in your life.

3. Meet Different Clients

Escorts get the opportunity of meeting different clients. As an experienced escort in the industry, I’ve had the opportunity of meeting plenty of high-end clients that have helped me in one way or the other. Therefore, this is one huge benefit that you can get in the industry.

The Bad

There are also drawdowns of being an escort. However, they are not as many as the benefits, which makes it a good thing. Check out these drawdowns below.

1. Resentment from the Society

There’s no doubt that the society resents escorts because they are not regarded as people who provide “good” services to people. Therefore, this is something that you need to keep in mind and develop a thick skin if you want to survive in this business.

2. Mistreatments from Some Clients

Escorts sometimes end up being mistreated by some clients who think they have “bought” them. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the kind of clients you’re meeting to avoid such issues.

As an exclusive escort, I can gladly say that it’s not such a bad industry for those willing to venture in it and do it with a passion.