5 Unusual Things to Do In London at Night

Posted by fuel on November 21, 2016


When darkness falls in London, the city becomes vibrant than ever. London nightlife is vast with something to suit everyone’s taste. Whether you are old, young, good, ugly or bad, weather you love a laid back country pub or a hip and cool disco, be assured to find you will like. However, just like any other city in the world, some part of London can be very dangerous at night, so take necessary precautions and do not walk alone. Here is the best night out activities London nightlife offers:

Taste wine at Vinopolis

The Vinopolis is the best place for wine lovers. Situated on the city’s Southbank, Vinopolis is London’s only interactive wine experience. This place offers more than a hundred champagnes, wines and spirits. It is also the home to five amazing restaurants where you can soak up all the alcohol after you are done with your tour. These restaurants serve everything right from Italian all the way to Mediterranean- offering you the most ideal way to end your evening.

Sample Some Free Comedy

There are several comedy nights in London, showcasing some of the finest comedians. There are free comedy nights everywhere. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled so as to find them. These free comedy nights offer you an opportunity to laugh the night away without having to pay a penny. Some of the most famous comedy clubs include the Angel Comedy and the Camden Head that perform every Tuesday. You can also visit the Miller every Wednesday.

Listen to Free Music

The city of London has numerous DJ sets and free gigs taking place across London at night. You can visits areas such as Brixton or Camden and you will find yourself enjoying free music. You can find regular free gigs and ska nights at hootenanny, Brixton. Alternatively you can also visit The Forge in Camden for Monday jazz nights.

Hop on a London by Night Sightseeing Tour

If you want to tour London’s famous landmarks, then board one of the city’s iconic open buses and enjoy a lifetime sightseeing experience. Trafalgar square, Tower Bridge and Buckingham palace are some of the most spectacular stops London by night sightseeing tour will pass by among many other exciting landmarks. There isn’t a better way to end your London visit without embarking on this tour.

See the Christmas Lights

The city of London is famous for its striking Christmas lights that are found all over the city. Stroll down the regent street and the Oxford Street to see for yourself the yearly changing displays. Additionally, be sure to keep an eye out for the spectacular window display found in Selfridge’s. But do not forget the New Bond Street and the Covenant Garden.


Although London is exciting during the day, however the capital really comes alive as soon as darkness falls. When the sun goes down, throughout the city, several vibrant hotels, cool bars and stunning theatres open their doors. With all these on offer every night, it’s no doubt that London city never goes to sleep. so if you are longing to experience London after sun set, these places should be in your list.

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